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Begin your Pokémon Adventure! Catch RARE Pokemon, breed Pokemon, trade and duel with your friends! - Ultimate Discord Pokemon Experience

MewBot Features Play the most entertaining, satisfying, feature filled Pokemon Bot on Discord today!

6v6 Pokemon Battles MewBot has introduced 6v6 Pokemon Battles, as well as status moves, weather effects, hazards and more!

Pokemon Breeding MewBot also allows your favourite breedable Pokemon! Hatch eggs by typing, speed up the process by riding your bike!

Community Driven MewBot is a community driven Discord Bot! With a development team that always interacts with the community!

Frequently Updated MewBot aims to be the most stable and feature-rich Discord Pokemon Bot! We accomplish this by steadily updating and adding new features to the Bot!

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Much-quality pokemon bot. So much useful commands, that works wery well!
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Ahmad Hadi