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Prefix: pmd. (Customizable)
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Owner: Mawral#4701
Game-Bot inspired by Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Cross-Server PvP, Challenging Bosses, Completely Unique Battle System. No pokéballs, no pay-to-win.

Battle with or against your friends with this multiplayer PKMN Discord Bot, inspired by the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series.

Current Features:

  • Original, strategic combat system inspired by the Mystery Dungeon games, allowing for 8-player, 4-versus-4 battles on a Discord channel.
  • Hide behind teammates and the environment for cover, and counter Flamethrowers with your Water Gun, just like in the anime.
  • Play as almost any monster, each with rebalanced stats and moves.
  • 450+ attack moves and counting. Statuses, buffs, weather and support, and six move slots to mix-and-match!
  • Team up with friends to defeat tough PvE challenges, or test your skills in anonymous Cross-Server PVP.
  • Sandbox Mode - Freely set and moderate Levels, Evolutions, Legendaries and more on your servers, for testing builds and roleplaying scenarios.
  • Fully Customizable. Toggle notifications and mentions, set moderation roles, change spawn rates, enable or disable commands per channel.
  • Fully Reliable. Dedicated servers and infrequent downtime.
  • 100% Free. No loot boxes, no pay-to-win, no purchased shinies, now and forever.
  • Frequent updates on the way!

Getting Started

To start playing PMDiscord, use the following command: pmd.register Each member must register to unlock most of the bot's commands.

Setting up PVE

To create a PvE Area on a server channel, use the following command: pmd.m-area create pve On these channels, visiting teams will challenge members on the server, rewarding Credits and EXP for defeating them! Up to 8 PvE Areas can be created per server. Challenges will spawn more frequently on servers with several active (and registered) players.

Setting up Sandbox Mode

Set up permissions for Sandbox Mode with the following command: pmd.sandbox-options To enable creating Sandbox Mode PKMN on your server, change the 'Create PKMN' permission to your preference. Note that Sandbox Mode PKMN cannot be used for PvE Challenges. For more information, use the command: sandbox