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Looking for a discord bot to make effective announcements in your community? StickyBot lets you "stick" a message to any text channel in your server. Meaning it will always be at the bottom of the ch

This is by far the best way to make a announcement in your discord server! This bot will “stick” any message you give it to the bottom of a channel. Meaning every time a message is sent in the channel the bot will send the sticky message in the channel. The bot will also delete its last sticky message everytime it sends a new one so it does not get spammed. TLDR: The most recent message in the channel will be the sticky message you set.

-Do ?commands for all the bots commands!

(In order to comply with discords API TOS the “stickied” message is now sent every 15 seconds or 5 messages rather than after every message.)

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Really good, well done bot.