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Prefix: sb! (changeable)
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Owner: Crispy#1000
A bot that monitors a custom website/IP and updates an embed according on it's status.

StatusBot - Monitor Traffic.

  • With status bot you can check an IP/Website every minute and update a customise-able embed based on the findings.


StatusBot allows you to monitor a IP/Website/IP & Port, Free of charge, on Discord. You get a fancy embed in a channel of your choice which will update according on your service’s status. Plus see your ping in a graph on the bot & on our web dashboard.


Extensions are a powerful way for you to monitor you services.

List of extensions

  • HyperChecker - Get notified if your service is down in under 10 seconds.
  • Minecraft - See how many players are on your Minecraft server & the ping.
  • FiveM - See how many players are on your FiveM server & the ping.
  • RolePing - Get pinged when your services goes down!