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Anti Ghost Ping

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Prefix: > (Customizable)
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Owner: Leastrio#0001
A bot to detect Ghost Pings.

Anti Ghost Ping

This Bot is made to catch ghost pingers and put them in the spot. The way the bot works is that it detects if a ghost ping has happened, then it will post an embed containing the person who ghost pinged, the message and the timestamp of the ghost ping. There will be more customizability in the future.


help - Shows the help message.

pingpurge - Deletes the amount of pings for a certain user specified without triggering the bot.

stats - Sends the statistics of the bot.

setchannel - Set a channel for all ghost ping messages to be redirected to. Note: Requires Admin permissions.

prefix - Set a guild specific prefix for the bot. Note: requires Admin permissions.


Note: This bot will still detect the ghost ping if it deleted by another person/bot.

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