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This is a the perfect information bot for your server!

Optima Bot

Optima is the ultimate discord bot for your server. It can provide multiple types of information for you ranging from news to currency conversions. This bot was programmed with one main interest: to make information easily accessible to discord server. This bot can help in multiple ways: from telling you if the day is going to be rainy to giving you the latest updates on what is going around in the world.

By SlumberousCarp2#7916

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The Optima Bot is jampacked with multiple feautres that you can enjoy in your discord server. These were created through the help of multiple well known and secure API.


This feature allows you to view the headlines from media sources all over the world! You can obtain the top 5 headlines that have been popular in the last hour so so. The sources of this news command are all well known and reputable such as BBC and Al Jazeera.


This shows you the top 5 headlines of the hour.

!!news <category>

This commands shows you the top headlines in the category of your choice. The choosen categories are: business, entertainment, general, health, science, sports, and technology.

!!news <keyword>

This command shows you the top 5 headlines for any given keyword of your choice.


!!weather <city>

This command tells you the weather in the a cetain city. It uses data from a reputable data source called OpenWeatherMap which uses only the most accurate and latest weather data.


!!convert <amount> <oldcurrency> <newcurrency>

This command helps you convert between currencies using the google currency converter. The exchange rates used are always up to date with the rapidly changing currency exchange market.


!!wiki <search>

This command is a look up that looks up the search word on wikipedia and provides a breif summary on it.



This shows the connection ping between the discord server and the bot host. The bot is hosted in servers which good connection so ping should generally be below 100 at all times.


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