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Black Sheep

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Prefix: s!(customisable)
0 boosts
1320 servers
Owner: PGamerX#2809
A Friendly Fun,economy, meme Bot with moderation,music and other commands Inspired by Dank Memer,Rythm and Groovy ;)

Black Sheep is a Multifunction Discord Bot. By Multifunction, I mean it. It has almost 100+ commands including Economy,fun,meme,music,moderation and much more Fun Commands tf, joke, cnjoke, lenny, clap, dog, insult, meme, wobble, coinflip, slap, say, dance, motivation, news, howgayme, howgay(name or mention), playstore, and much more Economy Commands work, transfer, balance, daily, flip, slots, dice etc Music Commands play(name), stop, skip, queue/q, loop, pause, lyrics, resume, nowplaying, volume, and much more Image Manipulation commands quote jail, deepfry, delete, triggered, trash, phub, youtube, wanted, wasted, rip, changemymind, and much more Random Pic Commands dog, cat, horse, vase, food, bird, duck and much more Covid-stats and weather command covidall, covidadv, covid (countryname), weather(city name). Moderation Commands ban, kick, slowmode, purge, unban, whois, lock, unlock, whois, serverstats, and much more