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Prefix: V! (Customizable)
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Invites: 80
Owner: Daniell#3474
Hi, my name is Viking. I'm just a moderation, fun and economy bot to help boost your server with 🌟 entertainment 🌟!
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Viking is the all-in-one bot for your server, with moderation, fun, economy, utility and many other useful and fun commands! Here’s a brief overview of all its features: Viking Features Helpful Moderation Customizable utility commands (setprefix, disable ability, etc.) Fun commands (throw a die, toss a coin, etc.) Hottest memes straight from Reddit the cutest animals Reaction functions Text and image manipulation commands Information commands (userinfo, serverinfo, etc.) An Autorole system with many economical commands, including a shop Freebies to your server as keys And much more!