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Owner: RBO#2541
A new fast food bot that will bring a fresh new experience to your server. No more pesky people joining your server to deliver.
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Created on 22nd of July 2020, Discord Eats a new fast food bot bringing a new experience to your server. - Use de!cmds for help.


-Order food using the bot, anything you wish! as long as its not inappropriate of course

-Delivery of food through the bot, no more of those pesky people joining to deliver food filling up your join logs or interfering with other bots

-Any problems with your order? No worries, you can submit problems and our staff will get back to you as soon as possible

-Dedicated discord server for our bot meaning you can get help any time of the day

-If you want to become staff, no more typing out essays, just run a command and you will be considered

-Friendly bot management team

-Speedy orders, if there is a delay you will be informed!

Give us a try, see what you think :)

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Makes people (virtually) very fat