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You can get by coins 100 members.
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Owner: xTime#0008
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BOT GetMembers+ is better then other one! Easy to use. Help command. Easy Users. Working 24/7.
🤖Commands list and features:
💥Find command - 📂Seacrhing for you servers to earn coins. After 72 hours you can leave from this server else we take away coins.
💥Buy command - 👥Get up to 100 members for 100 coins. Without tax. Only free! 100 coins - 100 members.
💥Balance command - 💰This command give you perms to check your cash balance and logs.
💥Pay command - 👥💰This command give you permission to pay someone coins.
💥Gift command - 🎁Use gift code. Must use code only by xTime#0008.
💥Daily command - 🔥Every 24 hours you can get up to free coins.
💥Buy coins without joining servers. Discount!
💥Boost GetMembers+ server to get 100 coins by 1 boost. Website:
Discord server:


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