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Prefix: h!
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Owner: Skorα#1111
Get to know | EveryBot!

Hello, I’m EveryBot,

To see all my commands, type h!Help I am a bot that can do almost anything, I include a system against swearing, a system of betrayal, a system of suggestions, everything you need in one bot, are you still in a dilemma? Look down!

commands: codeSTACKr | YouTube

12 categories

  • Games
  • Owner
  • Fun
  • Music
  • Nsfw
  • Giveaway,
  • Information
  • Moderation
  • Premium
  • Reaction Role
  • Discord Activity
  • Ticket System

Suggestion system:

  • Adjust bid channel: h!setsuggestions
  • Unmatch, deletes Suggestion from server:!disablesuggestions
  • All that is left is to write in a message channel!

Giveaway system:

  • starts a giveaway: gstart
  • ends the giveaway: end
  • picks a new winner: reroll
  • Edits the giveaway: gedit
  • Deletes the giveaway: gdelete
  • Shows how many giveaways there are on the server: ginfo


  • Defines a role for the command: !setrolehelp
  • Cancels the defined role: !disablerolehelp
  • look: click me

  • You can get help by the command, {prefix}report-bug
  • Always remember! Custom prefix, you forgot to? mention the bot!