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Bot moderator for your Discord server


● Category Info:

botinfo — Sends detailed information about the bot.

bugreport — Report an error.

invite — Invite the bot to your server.

suggest — Submit an idea for server development.

help — Shows all bot commands.

● Category Moderation:

addrole — Add a role to the user.

ban — Ban a User.

kick — Kick a User.

purge (clear) — Clear messages.

removerole — Remove a role from a user.

unban — Unban a user.

warn — Issue a warning to the user.

unwarn — Remove the warning from the user.

warns — View the number of user warnings.

tempmute — Temporarily mute the user.

● Category Settings:

idea-channel — Set up a channel to offer ideas on the server.

lang — Language localization for the community.

prefix — Changes the bot prefix.

autorole — Set an automatic role for new members.

welcome — Set automatic welcome for new members.

leave — Set an automatic farewell to the departed participants.

warns-limit — Set a limit on warnings.

If you find a bug in the bot, write a command !bugreport and describe the problem in detail

● Write !help to view the bot's commands

● If you have ideas for a bot, you can use the !suggest command on the support server